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Pancake load cell 50kg 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg

Model:                        FCMA

Capacity:                    30kg-1000kg on request

Material:                     Alloy steel

Load direction:           Tension/compression

Rated output:              2.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:      0.05% of R.O.

Excitation:                  3~15V

Other:                         Custom-design service



M16 threaded universal pancake load cell FCMA is a scaled down version of model FCM which offers 30kg / 50kg / 100kg / 200kg / 300kg / 500kg / 1000kg seven different measuring ranges with maximum 0.1% non-linearity of the rated capacity. This low profile load cell incorporates a M16x1.5 threaded hole running through the center of the transducer which can be used to mount attachments such as load buttons,eye bolts or other adapters for force loading.Model FCMA provides a comprehensive force measurement solution for static and dynamic forces in both tension and compression direction. You may find FCMA suitable for in-line force monitoring, injection-molding machines, press machines, material testing equipment, etc..

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