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Robot torque sensor Robot joint torque measurement

 Model:              FTHC

Capacity:              5/10/20/30/40NM

Material:               Stainless steel

Torque direction:     CW&CCW

Rated output:        1.0mV/V

Non-repeatability:   0.1% F.S.

Excitation:              3~12V

Other:                   Customizable



Robot torque sensor FTHC is specially designed for robotic joints torque measurement,transducer FTHC delivers mV/V output from the embedded wheatstone bridge which is proportional to the applied torque.FTHC supports torque measurement in both clockwise(positive output) and Anti-clockwise(negative output) directions.The low profile design and inner-outer flange structure makes it easy to be assembled to robotic joints.Robot arms are normally driven by servo or stepper motor,a reaction torque sensor like FTHC can be used to monitor the torque output to achieve a smoother motion control.For different applications,model FTHC can also be modified or customized based on your specific requirements.

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